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September 13, 2007

"So what do you eat out there?"

Believe it or not, we’ve actually been eating quite well on this trip. Here’s what was in our last resupply box which we picked up at Refuge Cove, BC on 9/10/07.

Pasta with sauce – dehydrated

Potatoes with beef and gravy – dehydrated

Assorted soup mixes

Dehydrated chicken


Corn chowder mix



Pancake mix

Beef jerky

Minced dried garlic

Minced dried onion

Pine nuts

Brown sugar

Pepperoni sticks

Cinnamon and nutmeg mix

Trail mix

Assorted energy bars

Rice krispy treats

Asian trail mix

Assorted teas

Milk powder

Dried apricots

Quaker oatmeal squares

Instant strawberry cheesecake mix


Multi-vitamins and glucosamine tablets

Hot cocoa mix

Dehydrated beef

Dried mixed vegetables

Olive oil

Topo maps and nautical charts


Of course, since we we’re “in town” when we picked up this box, we just had to raid the general store for some goodies. Becky picked some crackers, Brie and an apple. Nick came out with a candy bar and a can of Pringles! Bring on the calories!

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