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September 13, 2007

Fury Cove

Day 62 and 63

Hakai Pass crossing to Fury Cove, Penrose Island Marine Park
12 and 14 nautical miles

A great couple of days. We crossed notorious Hakai Pass in a big rolly west swell. Some reflection waves bouncing off the cliffs on the south side made things a little bumpy, but nothing to eskimo roll about. The area feels like the back of beyond until you spot the fishing skiffs running back and forth looking for salmon and halibut. Commercial fishing boats have all but disappeared in these waters to be replaced by omnipresent outboard powered skiffs filled with sport fishermen.
The real treat of the day was a hike!! Its hard to believe that our legs are still capable of walking after all this time on out butts, however we managed to follow an old road up to a communications tower high on Calvert island. This was the first aerial view we've had of our surroundings. Spectacular!
Then we crossed Fitzhugh Sound in utterly placid conditions stopping mid-channel to chat with some Texans on their sailboat from Galveston. It was a bit strange to be out in a major shipping lane, bobbing around having a conversation.
Fury Cove in Penrose Island Marine Park lived up to Clyde's recommendation. We paddled into a sheltered anchorage surounded by white shell beaches. A perfect spot for both yachts and kayaks. We shared the anchorage with several boats, but "Water Music", a 44' C&C sailboat, turned out to be a special boat.
Barry and Donna came motoring over and right-off-the-bat offered their forward stateroom if we didn't feel like weathering the forecast storm in our tent. Since we'd already picked a bombproof campsite, we graciously declined, but when they returned from fishing with a lingcod and an invitation to dinner we couldn't resist.
The rest of the evening was spent trading stories of paddling, sailing, family and friends. Barry indulged my curiosity in his GPS and electronic charts while Donna cooked up a gourmet feast of fish, rice and cabbage salad. All this topped off with glasses of white wine and Becky and I were in heaven. Three cheers for Barry and Donna! Thank you for your hospitality!

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