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September 14, 2007

Lund to Harwood Island


Day 79

10 nautical miles

Leaving town after a rest day is always a challenge. There are always more phone calls that you’d like to make, more photos that you’d like to post, and more beer you’d like to drink. Today our chores got the better of us and we didn’t push off until 3pm. Good thing we had a short day planned.

Harwood Island, off the north end of Texada Island, is a First Nations reserve, so we called the band and obtained permission to camp before we left Lund.

Another sunny day without the drysuit! The coast south of Lund has road access so we’re seeing more and more homes and cottages. We can feel the wilderness disappearing. But at least we no longer have to worry about the bears.

Harwood Island has a long sandy spit off the north end. The spit is topped with nice prairie grass, lots of flat ground, and a 270 degree view! The air is warm and still and the water like glass. Its such a nice day that someone is out tonight wakeboarding without a wetsuit! The Sunshine Coast is certainly living up to its reputation. At sunset Becky and I stroll the beach and watch the sky and sea merge into a bright orange hallucination.

We decide to leave the fly off the tent tonight and are rewarded by an ocean of stars, occasional meteors, and the twinkling lights of Powell River. We can hear the dull roar of the pulp mill despite our distance from the city. Tonight is our first camp with city noises. Indeed, we’re getting closer to home.

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