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March 26, 2007

Spring Time So Soon

My sincere apologies to all of our dedicated family and friends who so graciously visited and commented on the blog, only to be bitterly disappointed the sheer lack of commitment of the authors (or perhaps, by myself). Although the 2007 Antarctic season is officially over we hope to continue with this blog through other adventures and quite likely additional seasons on the ice. We are both currently back in the states and settling down in Washington for the spring. I (Becky) will be in school at Western and Nick will be splitting his time between preseason work at Mt. Rainer and preparation for this summer's sea kayak expedition up the Inside Passage. Although we cannot be sure of Internet access and connections, we hope to offer at least a few posting of progress. Otherwise we will be in touch through traditional e-mail and the telephone. Our current plan is to depart June 18th, from Sinclair Island where we will hosting a graduation celebration and be joined by friends and family as we push off from shore and make our few first paddle strokes north. We will be busy compiling resources this spring and hope to post a few entries outlining some of the more essential aspects of our trip. Until then, enjoy the morning birdsong and the long dusky evenings of spring.