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September 13, 2007

Cape Caution to Lund, Photo Gallery


Day 80

Greetings from Lund on BC's Sunshine Coast

Well, after an epic two weeks of marginal weather, rain, and difficult paddling we've finally turned the corner. The last five days have been crystal clear with tailwinds or no winds, miles have been quick and days short. Our bodies are thankful for the rest and summer-like relaxation. Paddling has been a pleasure after starting to feel like a chore. A week ago we saw our first Douglas Fir and three days ago our first Madrona tree. Out last campsite was a developed BC Park site with an OUTHOUSE! Now, that's civilization.

Today is a bit of a rest and resupply in a town that you can drive to, our first since Prince Rupert. We have about 170 miles and 10-12 days to go until Bellingham and the forecast is for contined high pressure, sun and light winds!! Yippee!!

Here are some highlight photos:

Lining the boats over to our campsite.

Counterbalance food hang to keep our goodies out of Yogi's paws!

A typical misty day on the Inside Passage.
Paddling in Queen Charlotte Strait.
Sullivan Bay, a floating community off North Broughton Island and one of our resupply points.
Cooking up the goodies on Cedar Island, Broughton Islands.
Sailing the kayaks at 6 knots in the strong westerlies of Johnstone Strait!!
Unloading the boats after a short day before running Green Point Rapids.
Estero Peak, Discovery Islands.
Outside Shoal Bay.
Refuge Cove, near Desolation sound and our last resupply point.
Sorting food on the float at Refuge Cove.
Sunset at our site in the Copeland Islands.
Finally, a good feed at the Lund Hotel Pub!
Ahhh, Becky in rapture at our digs in Lund.


Anonymous said...

So glad to see the trip progressing so smoothly and safely! Bev and I have been checking the site regularly to follow your progress.

A very educational site for sure, now I know a little something about McMurdo Station and the role of a Heli-tech. It appears all the talent you have in packing a kayak has other applications!

Safe journey,
Patrick and Bev

Anonymous said...

Nick and Becky,

I'm glad to hear things are working out. Great to hear you are feeling well and still sounding so positive after so long a journey.

You guys rock.

Check you email for some addn'l info on having company on the last few days of your journey


Brian said...

Wow, let me know when you get back!
Brian Kliesen

Glenn Kessler said...

I may be jumping the gun, but I think a welcome home is in order right about now. My apologies for not standing by in Bellingham to personally greet the two of you.

What a fantastic journey! Congratulations for taking your dream, persevering, and making it happen.