Looking for our Sea Kayaking Expeditions?

December 3, 2006

Welcome! Nick and I created this blog in hopes that it would keep us better connected with our favorite friends and loved ones. We will do our best keep up with frequent postings and we invite everyone to comment, reply or banter. We can take it. We can serve it too! Enjoy,
n & b


steph sprague said...

Yeehaw! So glad to see you guys. Rob, Owen and I will keep checking in.

Sandy Peace said...

Hey Beck - Nick, you are the first people I know to do this -- glad to hear and see you haven't frozen solid. Greetings from Windy Ramona, CA and happy December

Robert McNary said...

Good luck, Becky. I always enjoy reading your emails and look forward to more posts.

Charla said...

Yay! I love you cuties -- I love the blogging way. more photos of you! maybe we can post photos of us?

loving you from Portlandia...

The Adams Clan said...

Hey Guys I love it. What a great way to say Hi and stay up on what is going on with you two and other people. (Hey Sandy) Love ya from Phoenix, AZ

Mike Parsons said...

Cool! (Heh heh)
I saw the weather bar at the bottom of yer' blog page, 28 degrees! Fer' gosh sakes don't become a "Peace-sicle".
Whe I see your weather and how you seem to thrive in it, it's absurd to think that we had a person die from the elements in DELMAR recently. Keep the stories coming. I in particular love the way you write and hearing your stories is as close to experiancing them as I will get.
From land of the "Mundane", bye for now and lots of love,

hillbillary said...

okay--i already tried to post a comment, but it required that i become a google blogger. so now i am and hopefully you will get this one.

just got back from costa rica. i thought of you while i was swimming in blue ocean waves and sunning with iguanas. saw so much diversity of plants and birds and butterflies (and cockroaches too)...still i'm sure diversity of ice crystal structures can't compare!
did you find my friend bonnie? i addressed the one postcard to you both--so you will have to find each other to give her my letter or vice versa.

are you still flying nick? the temperatures must be hard on the electronics and planes, right? yowsers!

what are you two doing for the holidays? what are you going to use as a substitute tree? is the sun up all day on december 21st? andrew and i are searching for a tree this weekend. it will be our first holiday together in our tiny, treehouse cabin! i am looking forward to it!

hope all is well,

Anonymous said...

Hello Becky and Nick, I love the new blog page. Great picture! I have sent you a package, hopefully, you will see it soon!Sue Miller

Grandma Molly said...

Hi Becky and Nick-Grandma Molly, here. We love getting your news. We wish you could spend the Holidays with us. We'll plan on meeting you in LA in February and hope that you can spend a few days with us.
Love you and Nick.

Becky Peace said...

Hello from one Becky Peace to another...(yes I'm guilty of googling myself and I came across your site.) Thats cool to know that there is another Becky Peace out there! I live in Southeastern Indiana. Peace is my maiden name. Message me back sometime
Becky Peace

Tyler Snook said...

Nick - Moosejaw is still looking for you... (said something about needing a new pro-deal form you need to sign?!?) and KY is never the same without ya. I'll send over a Miguel's Pizza and a case of Foster Falls Beer via FedEx. BTW - I'm still trying to find all that gear from the MSU climbing club! Glad to see you are still having fun in the great wide open. Cheers!
-Tyler Snook

Tyler Snook said...


IF you get a chance...