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December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Happy Holidays Y'all!
Its a very mellow Christmas Day here at McMurdo. We have today off in celebration of the holiday. Most folks are spending it lying low, watching movies, sipping coffee, and sleeping in. The town was absolutely deserted early this morning. After a few days of tropical above-freezing temps and light winds, we're back to light snow, 1/2 mile visibility, temps in the teens and frigid winds. Perfect for cozying up to a book and listening to NPR over the satellite feed. Becky is spending the holiday at a field camp in the Dry Valleys. She should return before the New Year with crazy stories and photos to share. I've been keeping busy in her absence writing and skating.

Since I don't have any skating photos of me, here's one of Bea! She can rip!
For those of you who've been wondering just exactly where the heck we are (Merry Christmas!) here's a map. Notice the positions of NZ and So. America and the tracks of our icebreakers. The icebreakers are converging on McMurdo to punch in our shipping channel for the fuel tanker and resupply vessel slated to arrive later in January. Hooray, diesel and beer for next year!
Merry Christmas!

1 comment:

Alina said...

Hey guys!

I'm wondering who is colder right now, me or you....? Another strange Okanagan cold snap has had temperatures down to about -22C today, and I've been out skiing and teaching!
Love the blogpage, I will have to check it out more often!
Next time you're over at the Tatty Flag in Scott Base, have a drink with a kiwi for me!