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December 9, 2006

Monkey Wrench

After two weeks, I have finally settled into work at the water plant. Things can be pretty slow here but let's say I have found some creative ways to pass the time....I am now working my own shifts and am the solo operator every other day from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm. That leaves me with every other day off, a novelty around here where most folks work ten hour days, six days a week. I have been trying to make the most of my free time and have been teaching myself to skate ski. The rising summer temperatures have forced the move of the working runway from the early season Ice Runway on the sea ice to Williams Field. Williams Field lies on top of the McMurdo ice shelf which, unlike the annual deterioration of the sea ice, remains solid through out the year. The road out to "Willie" is serviced by hourly shuttles and is thus open to solo travel. This road has an ideal surface for skating and round trip takes about two hours. Thus, I have spent a few magical afternoons skating along, listening to my i-pod and completely surrendering to the beauty of the landscape.



G said...

Hey Antarcticants,
Looks like Becky might be able to use those tools to pull some exotic plants when shes done down there. Great to see you both looking so good. If you get tired being cold down there, you can come up to my house and be cold up here . . . at least until the windows and doors arrive. Very reminiscent of living up at Camp Muir right now. Thanks for starting that blog.

Capt Fuzzy said...

I live in McMurdo and distictly remember seeing you both in Hawaii just two days ago. So none of this Antarctic hero hardship stuff. Get off the beach and get a job you lazy socialists.

paul the pilot aka Lemur on a bike

Anonymous said...

Enjoying the blog. Just got back from a pre-holiday tele tour of Alta.


Wigit said...

hello from california, where the drizzle falls steadily and the vines have lost the last of their leaves. i really dig your blog! thanks for putting in the time! the pictures rock! can't wait to hear more about life down-under-neath. we are well, over-worked, and waiting for a good ski. headed to mendocino for the weekend to celebrate erik's 33! yikes! we think of you two often...

un abrazo, haley