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December 15, 2006

Under the Ice

Here are some cool pics that were posted on the common drive. They were taken under the sea ice by some of the dive researchers. I'm not certain what this particular team was looking at but apparently there are still a large number of unidentified organisms in this ecosystem. The other day at lunch I overheard a women describing the fourteen yet to be catalogued Foraminifera species they had found this season. Another gentlemen described a dive where he had spotted and captured an unrecognized fish; now that fish carries his name.


A. Giguere said...

Haha! I am the first tech-saavy Giguere to post on your blog! Take that Mom and Dad!

Nice pics, I've one as my background right now!

Good luck, promise to enjoy the frozen south, while we enjoy the frozen north!

Anonymous said...

We had the pleasure of meeting Nick's dad on the Panama Canal cruise...and you, my friend, are a long way from home! We are back in "sunny" southern California where the predicted low tonight is to be in the 20's. Guess that sort of pales in comparison to where you are!
Dianne Warner
Thousand Oaks, California