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March 19, 2011

Off the water and in Puerto Natales

We´ve arrived! We paddled into Puerto Natales, our final destination at about noon today. 100 days on the dot. More pics and narrative coming soon. Thanks to everyone for all of the great well wishes and support!


Teresa said...

You are truly inspiring. Congratulations on completing your journey. Can't wait to hear what's next.

Iceland Circumnavigation said...
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Iceland Circumnavigation said...

Congratulations Becky & Nick!!

This looked like a most fantastic trip.

Can't wait to hear the details ... have a good trip back to Puerte Montt and WA.

Toasting to you from Brooklyn, Marcus

karel said...

It was great to hear you have arrived and have completed another dream

Anonymous said...

DELIGHTED to know that you have completed this amazing trip. When you started planning last summer, I hoped that you would be successful AND remain safe! Congratulations!!! Once again, you have amazed me with your hard work and endurance! Love, Mom/Cathy

Gayle said...

Awesome!! So glad you are safe and what an adventure. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I've been tracking your progress, I'm SO glad you two have made it! Any tips for me? I'm living in Punta Arenas and praticing for a similar trip, leaving out in Nov. I've read up a lot on the sea up there, and God knows the wind's a killer here in the Strait of Magallen, but what's there to expect? How many weather days did you end up taking?

Congrats once again;


hitchtheworld.com/updates is my itenerary. Anything you'd like to add?

Charlie Sloan said...

Dear BEcky and Nick
SORRY TO HAVE MISSED YOU THIS MORNING . It is happy news to hear that you are safely on shore again.
We have all been following your every experience. We hope the rest of your journey will be great too. Hope to hear more news again soon.

Charlie Sloan said...

Wow...What an awesome adventure...Congratulations on safely reaching your destination.Love to both of you from San Diego..

Fabian said...

congratulations from Valdivia, i have been watching your journey from my house, some day i will do some like that. a friend of Pueblito expediciones

Jan Olsen said...

Way to go you two -- what an amazing journey! Can't wait for your return and for all the adventure stories. Travel home safely and we'll see you soon! Love Jan & Murdoch

Heather said...

You two are very inspiring for many different reasons. Congratulations on the completion of an amazing adventure. Look forward to seeing some more pics. If you send out an email update would love to be included. jandha93@gmail.com. Love to you both..Heather