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February 15, 2011

Departing Tortel

Sorry for the short posting, but we're only allowed 30 minutes of internet per day here in Tortel, it is free though.  I've added some pics to past posts and a short video.  Enjoy!

Our SPOT seems to be malfunctioning and won't send position reports.  We're trying to fix this, but for now our "current position" map is off-line. 

We will post position reports via sat phone to the blog at least once a week, but they won't appear on the map.  We're less than thrilled with the reliability of the SPOT and happy to have the sat phone and epirb backups.  Buyer Beware!

Here are a few more pics from the past month of paddling.  It has been a wet and windy 30 days!

Today we're packed up with 50 days of food and ready to head out for Puerto Eden and then south to Puerto Natales.  We hope to arrive in Puerto Natales before April 1st.  Wish us luck and THANK YOU for all the wonderful comments and encouragement!!

Bahia Marta

Romilio's Casa at Bahia Sisquelan
Sharing Maté at Romilio's

Golfo de Penas Day One

Golfo de Penas Day 2.  Off Punta Delirio.

Bahia Kelly

Canal Martinez

Canal Martinez. 
Real Coffee in Cochrane


Anonymous said...

I hope the next 50 days come with more sun and calmer seas. You guys are champs. --Patricia

Anonymous said...

N & B, Wishing you all the best as you paddle these next several weeks. I will be thinking of you and hoping for blue skies and warm days. Love, M/C

karel said...

Thanks for the pictures

Heather said...

Hi Beck and Nick, I'm sure that the coffee there, will have given Seattle a run for its money. Loving your pics and am always amazed at them. I hope that this next leg of your journey finds you with dryer winds. Love to you both..Heather