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December 26, 2010

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Anonymous said...

Dear Becky and Nick.
Your pictures are wonderful!
Tanya's Pet Scan on Monday showed
We are so pleased!
We got to meet Amrit and her partner``with Emmelina and Chuck
yesterday. So very nice.
Christmas was a beautiful day. no rain. sounds like you have had
rain. Is it so great to be back on the water, working every day??
I think of you both all of the time..sending you love, love, safety, safe waters!!
I miss you both!
Mary Marie

Anonymous said...

Mui bien y feliz navidad, perro queremos photos, por favor! Donde son los photos nuevos y de Chatien??


janolsen2003@yahoo.com said...

Merry Christmas Nick & Becky -- Finally made it over to the blog! Awesome. Thanks for keeping us updated like this -- Technology really is grand. I've been thinking about you guys but just hadn't had a chance to review all your stories and pictures. Fair wind and will try to plug in more often. Love Jan & Murdoch

Jan Olsen said...

Hi Nick & Becky -- I forwarded your Blogspot to a co-worker who is Chilean -- she said "Many of the places mentioned (including the penguins) are near places that my dad & I visited on our way down to Punta Arenas years ago. How spectacular & peaceful the trip must be on water. So glad to hear your friends are enjoying themselves."

Heather said...

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!!! Love you both and hope the winds are always favorable!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nick and Becky,
I am enjoying your blog and I love keeping track of where you are. I've purchased a book about Patagonia, very interesting and enjoyable. My atlas is always nearby. Andrew and Sarah are off to Hawaii today for their honeymoon. I have an interview for an para-pro job on Monday, 1/3/11. It would be part time. Happy paddling. Love, Mom

Zachary said...

This is very cool, Nick & Becky. I'll be sure to keep checking back on the site. Best, Zach

¡Salud! Spanish said...

¡Hola chicos! Me gustan mucho las fotos. Este viaje parece estupendo. ¡Feliz año nuevo! ¿Qué tal con el español?

Anonymous said...

Greetings Becky and Nick! I hope you are staying warm and dry. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
We got rain, rain, rain. Mission Valley river flooded and now it stinks. LOL!
Other than that we had a Happy Holidays here. Healthy and happy.
Love to you both!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year's you guys! What an awesome trip! Good luck & have fun.

Heather said...

Hi Guys,

Just heard a major earthquake struck down in Chili and just wondering about you guys.

Hope to see a post from you soon. Love and Happy New Year!!!

Gram said...

Hi Becky and Nick,
Happy Holidays to you both. I am thinking about you guys always. I hope you are having fun on your trip. It sounds great. Pictures are interesting. How are you doing with your spanish. I'll bet you are getting pretty fluent by now.
We are well here. We ha a very nice Christmas. Stayed at a beach cottage in PB with Peggy and Carol. Everybody came to see us there. Good weather.
Hope all is well with you there.
Love to you both,
Gram and Margie

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we're getting news now of a strong earthquake down in your area. I hope you guys are OK. Please post as soon as you can. We're worried now.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! It is a blast to see your progress. All is well here but it is cold!

E and S

Anonymous said...

Dear Nick and Becky,

Hope all paddling is going smoothlt. Thanks for the update regarding the earthquake. The interview went well but after visiting the classroom, I knew the job was not for me:) It is always good to know oneself. Snowy today.
Love, Mom/Cathy