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December 8, 2010

On the Water - TOMORROW!

Just a quick note, but all well here in Pto. Montt.  Yesterday, we passed an extensive equipment inspection by the Navy.  Today was a holiday in Chile, so not much accomplished logistics wise, but Nick did pound a few nails while helping the family here build a playhouse for Perla´s granddaugher Sara.  We have one last appointment with the Navy tomorrow morning and then we hope to begin paddling!  Wish us luck!  The first section of the trip is not too remote, so we should be able to post more soon.  It is going to be wonderful to be on the water!!

Trial packing the boats.  
Becky´s home cooked feast before we depart.

5 meter tides in Puerto Montt.

Protein anyone?

Signing the papers after the safety inspection.


john said...

"Fair Winds and Following Seas...."

I'll miss riding baker with you this winter!!!

Anonymous said...

Cool you 2. Have fun!!! I am enjoying the posts.

E and S

Heather said...

I just checked your "spot" and saw that you hit the water on the 8th. So glad your Naval Inspection was successful and can't wait to see the progession!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats for passing all the inspections and for being on the water! Hurray!!

Fair winds to the 2 of you!!

Marcus Demuth

megan FitzMaurice said...

Thinking of the two of you! Yah for adventures and happy New Year! Becky, thanks for the advice on Etsy, that is actually where we found our rings and my dress as well! Great minds think alike! Lots of love to you both, thanks for the updates!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just love the blog. I am glad the "natives" were so helpful and cute! It was so nice to speak with you the other day. I am really glad that you are enjoying your trip. I read about Chaiten in my book which went to press about the time of the first earthquake. What an interesting part of the world. Happy paddling!
Love, Mom/Cathy