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December 18, 2012


Mt Erebus from McMurdo Sound on a rare clear day.
Mount Erebus is the southern most volcano in the world.  It dominates the skyline from the sea ice of McMurdo Sound.  The plume rising from the crater serves as a great weather indicator revealing atmospheric moisture and upper-level winds.

The summit of Erebus is almost 12,500' high, but due to the persistently low pressure here near the pole the physiological altitude can reach over 14,000'.  It is a tough place to do research.  This high elevation also makes helicopter operations tricky by reducing power margins and available payload.

Volcanos are Really Cool, so its no wonder there's a bunch of science going on up there.

Read more about the Mount Erebus Volcano Observatory here.

Read more about the ice cave mapping rover, YETI, here.

YETI is currently at the McMurdo Heliport waiting for good weather to be slung up onto the peak.

Char and Thomas are ready to fly down to thicker air!

The lava lake is down there somewhere.

Science is getting done today on the crater rim.

The YETI rover waiting patiently for better weather before going to work on Erebus.


Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

Cool photos Nick. I especially like the one of the tent on the crater rim. Say hi to Hubert for me!