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November 30, 2010


Santiago, a city of four million.
Just a quick note to let you all know that we arrived in Santiago safely on Friday.  Yup, Friday!  We enjoyed a free night in Seattle and a free night in Dallas courtesy of American Airlines due to two mechanical delays in a row!  I think we sampled most of the major eateries in SeaTac during our stint in traveller's purgatory.
Si, tenemos muchas mapas!
The airline delays have had the additional benefit of allowing us the weekend in the giant city of Santiago since we had to wait until after the weekend to accomplish our errands.  Today was a busy day of running around town for odds and ends and, importantly, topo maps.  We now are the proud owners of about $300 worth of Chilean topos covering the 1200 miles from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales.  Unlike the US, where you can find topos just about anywhere, Chile only distributes the maps through the Military and specifically, only from one office in Santiago. 

We are now in the land of NesCafe.
Tonight we'll be bussing south for 12 hours to Valdivia where we'll be picking up our boats and thence to Puerto Montt tomorrow night.  Wish us luck.  More soon.
Speed rollerblading, serious business, who knew?


molly said...

Good luck you guys....We will be checking here often for updates..Wishing the both of you all the best...Have fun...Love ya..

Mike said...

Hey Nick and Becky,
My girlfriend and I live on Orcas Island and are building pygmy kayaks now and paddling the inside passage this coming summer. Last year sometime while searching for blogs about the IP we ran across yours from 07. I just wanted to say that your blog has been super helpful for us in planning and your other adventures look amazing too. We will also be keeping a blog (chipsncake.blogspot.com) of our building and paddling adventures. And of course if you have any advice that wasn't on your blog we would be happy to hear it. Have a great trip in Chile, it looks like it should be an incredible paddle!

Mike (and Kelly)