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August 9, 2007

Arrival in Prince Rupert, BC

Greetings from CANADA!!

Just returned from the post office with a shopping cart full of goodies! Thank you Mom, Sue, Stefan, and Mary Marie for all the packages.

Yes, Mom, I returned the shopping cart to the supermarket.

Stef, I have no idea what you wrote on the prayer flag, but I'm sure it is all good. We're looking around the hostel for a Swede to translate.

Sue, you shouldn't have. But since you did, we're having dinner on you tonight at the Cow Bay Cafe! Thanks.

Mom, I loved the watercolor card. We scarfed the beef jerky almost immediately and will enjoy the dried fruit from Michigan.

Mary Marie, thanks for lugging that huge box to the Post Office. Everything arrived ship-shape!!
Thanks to everyone for the packages, e-mails, and support!

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And now, just a few photos:

Fisherman's float at the site of abandoned Port Tongass, just shy of the BC border.
Nav bouy near Port Simpson, BC
Not quite high tide, but we stayed dry at this campsite at Jap Point, a day north of Prince Rupert.

The Man who Fell from Heaven, a prtroglyph in Venn Passage, just outside Prince Rupert.

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Heather said...

Hey Guys. I love the bear video! Wow so much to comment on. Your pictures paint a small, but amazing glimpse into what your days and nights must be like. Nick, how happy I am to hear that your training was so successful. Somehow, though I am guessing you would do it again. Be safe and have fun!