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June 19, 2007

Final Preparations

I really shouldn't be posting right now, but I'm burned out from backing. In a mere 15 hours, Becky and I will be in line to board the Alaska State Ferry. Today had been a feverish finale to months of preparations. More about that a little later.

The big news is that on Saturday, Becky graduated from the Huxley School of the Environment at Western Washington University!! Hooray!!! To celebrate a gang of friends and family went out to Western's Viqueen Lodge on Sinclair Island for the weekend. In fact, just this morning we were on Sinclair. Water taxis sure do make the San Juans seem small!!

We had a wonderful weekend of relaxing, exploring, tidepooling and catching up.

A big THANK YOU to Tristan and Julia (who took this photo) for making it out for this special weekend, and for the pancakes.

Alright, time to get back to packing. Food boxes are all wrapped up, dry bags are stuffed, the boats have even been fully loaded for a dry run. Amazingly, everything fits!! Even the iPod!


Heather said...

Wow, I can't believe you put these pics up all ready. I guess today is the big day. I picked up a map from REI of British Columbia and it gave me the coast line I was looking for. I can't remember excatly which way you guys were coming down from Prince Rupert though. It was a great weekend and thanks to Becky and Nick for sharing thier Bellingham Family and Sinclair Island. (and I too very much appericated Tristan's "dude food" and whiskey

Anonymous said...

Hey Nick and Becky
I hope you can keep this blog updated, the photos and stories are great. Have fun on the trip!

Anonymous said...

You two are doing it! I'm looking forward to checking in on this site every now and again. I heard you were going to be skipping Petersburg, you must have your reasons... Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! XO Candy